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The Shorty Box! - Mocktail Style

The Shorty Box! - Mocktail Style

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Buckle up, Junior Mixologists! Prepare to ditch the dull drinks because The Shorty Box has crash-landed! It's the Ultimate Mocktail DIY Mixology Kit for Kids in our Mixology Madness Collection!  Get ready to become a fizz-tastic Mixologist and Whip Up Concoctions so Outrageously Delicious they'll make your tastebuds do a flavor hula! The Shorty Box is Your passport to a Flavor Explosion of Fizz and Floats.  So grab your best mixing buddy and Start Mixing!

This Box Includes:

Two Drink Mixes (flavors vary)  Makes total of 4 drinks

Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water

Plastic Cup with Straw

Magic Floating Cotton Candy

Ice Cream Scooper

How To: Make A Floaty Card

Wooden Cutouts (2)




Crazy Fun Napkin

Glitter Smiley Face Purple Storage Box





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